Health and Lifestyle - Milk in the Raw!

Health and Lifestyle have you ever tried milk in the raw ... er ... drinking raw milk, that is ...

We have a local farmer just down the street from us that has a few cows and actually has a raw milk vending machine right there!  Known by everyone (he also owns the local taxi company) folks just bring their own jug and for €1 you walk away with a little over a liter of fresh cold milk.

Now, I must say that I have never been a big milk drinker, but this stuff is very tasty.  Rich and creamy it is nothing like the milk you buy in the grocery store ... heck ... you can even buy milk in the store that doesn't even need refrigeration ... what is that all about?

The Austrian government comes in and tests for quality every couple of days and what he doesn't sell that day to the locals gets picked up and goes to the big dairy where is goes through the pasteurizing, homogenizing process.

Because the vending machine is right there next to the cow "house" you can really see what goes on.  The picture here shows that the "ladies" are in for the night, but many times they are out and about ... munching on grass or hay.  Heck, they even have names with their information posted on the wall!

I recently watched a YouTube video where the authorities in California arrested a gentleman for selling raw milk ... very scary stuff ... isn't it about time we take control back over our own lives?  The man that was arrested was a local farmer known by everyone ... his good farming practices were  an open book ... yet his milk was dumped down the drain.  What a shame ...

On my quest for a new healthy lifestyle I prefer to take responsibility for my decisions about whether or not to drink raw milk.

Health and lifestyle.  CHEERS!

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